Our Values

Across SB Simpson, we pride ourselves on being a proactive, pragmatic, and progressive company, eager and dedicated to ensuring we exceed our customers’ expectations every time. 

SB Simpson’s management and staff continue to be guided by the core values our founder established more than half a century ago.


We meet and uphold the professional and ethical standards of conduct we intuitively know and understand to be right.

We respond efficiently and eagerly to our customers’ needs and always make the effort to exceed service expectations.  

We strive to be the experts our customers need in order to trust and rely upon us, and we continually upgrade and expand our knowledge base in order to serve them better.

We always treat our customers, suppliers, and colleagues with the dignity, courtesy, and respect they deserve. 

We work cooperatively to ensure we’re meeting our customers’ expectations in an efficient, supportive, and collaborative fashion, to help them achieve their strategic goals.


These are the values our team takes to heart and which define how we conduct business on a daily basis. As a company, we take responsibility for the products and services we provide our customers with, and for the decisions we make in the communities where we live and work.