Audits, Inspections, Training & Demos 

On-site or off-site, find out why we’re the No. 1 choice for industrial audits, training, and product demonstrations

SB Simpson offers a multitude of product and process audits and inspections. From chemical consolidation audits to help save you money, to health and safety audits to ensure your workplace meets the ever-changing safety standards in today’s environment, we can arrange all of your facility’s needs.    

We also offer on-site surveys of virtually any product category to help rationalize for continuous improvement and cost savings. 



SB Simpson, with the aid of manufacturer specialists, can provide your company with:

  • Fall arrest harness and lanyard inspections
  • Hearing and respirator mask fit testing 
  • Material handling inspections – slings, hoists pullers 
  • Chemical audits 
  • Bandsaw machine inspection and maintenance 
  • Cost-per-hole analysis for cutting tool applications 
  • Overall facility health and safety inspections
  • Warehouse layouts

New technology and innovative products are constantly being launched to increase efficiencies, decrease production time, and ultimately save you money. We offer product demonstrations and trials in a risk-free environment.

SB offers both on-site and off-site training sessions for your staff. Whether it’s training centred on the proper handling of chemicals, operating power equipment, or specific PPE/safety education sessions, we can ensure your staff is prepared.